Polyamide (Polyamide)


JOST Polyamide is synthetic, monofilament, non-absorbable, sterile, surgical suture.

  • Material: polyamid-nylon 6 i nylon 6.6
  • Color: blue, black and undyed
  • Available in diameters 10/0-6, cut in different lengths
  • Sterilized: ethylene oxide
  • Depending on the diameter of the suture and surgical branch, sutures are combined with standard or special needles of different types and sizes.


JOST Polyamide surgical sutures have high stretch-resistance during the critical wound healing period. Because of its smooth surface the suture is easily and painlessly removed.


  • It is easy for handling, with a high-security surgical knot, high stretch-resistance
  • It has minimal memory
  • The suture is usually removed after 30 days
  • It shows small loss of tensile strength (through hidrolisis) in a long time period
  • Suitable for use as pull-out suture
  • Cause minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction.
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