PDO Barbed (Polydioxanone Barbed)


JOST PDO Barbed is synthetic, monofilament, long-term absorbable sterile surgical suture with unidirectional or bidirectional barbs.

  • Material: Polydioxanone
  • Color: violet, undyed
  • Available in diameters 4/0-1, cut in different lengths
  • Sterilized: ethylene oxide
  • Depending on the diameter of the suture and surgical branch, sutures are combined with standard or special needles of different types and sizes.


JOST PDO Barbed has high stretch-resistance during the critical wound healing period. Two types with unidirectional or bidirectional barbs.


  • Unidirectional barbes are with an attached needle on one side and an loop on the other
  • Bidirectional barbes have attached needles on both sides of the thread
  • Absorption is complete after ≈180 to 210 days, through hydrolysis of the suture to carbon dioxide and water which are metabolized.
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