JOST ePTFE is synthetic, monofilament, non-absorbable, sterile, surgical suture specially suited for cardiovascular surgery.

  • Material: polymer of expanded Polytetrafluorethylene (ePTFE)
  • Color: undyed,
  • Special designations of suture diameter (PSS) which are comparable to USP and EP standards in terms of Knot-Pull tensile strength,
  • Available in diameters PSS 5/0-1, cut in different lengths,
  • Sterilized: ethylene oxide,
  • Depending on the diameter of the suture and surgical branch, sutures are combined with standard or special needles of different types and sizes.


JOST ePTFE surgical sutures have excellent stretch-resistance during the critical wound healing period. Special molecular structure provides easy knot tying. This suture has the advantage that it is much softer and more flexible in comparison to other surgical sutures.


  • It is easy for handling, with a high-security surgical knot, high stretch-resistance,
  • To achieve the softnes of the suture, diameter of JOST ePTFE surgical sutures is larger than USP standard.
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